( DMT 07 ) BLUNT INSTRUMENTS / RON OBVIOUS / PER HAMMAR - Weapons Of Ass Destruction Vol 1 (180 gram vinyl 12") - Dungeon Meat

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Dungeon Meat

 Dungeon Meat's self-titled label is not known for its subtlety, and so it goes on this rip-roaring various artists 12" featuring three rough and ready jams for the peak time house crowd. Blunt Instruments get things going straight away with the mean New Jersey swing of "Kum On", as tough and bumping a house cut as you're ever likely to find. Ron Obvious steps up with "Mindful Vision", bringing an utterly addictive stripped down garage-y shuffle to the table, while Per Hammar finishes the EP off with the breaks-embellished "BX Chamber", a freaked-out dub-soaked affair for the heads down crowd.