( DDR 008 ) DER DRITTE RAUM - Hale Bopp (remixes) (12") Der Dritte Raum

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After releasing "Morgenland" album Der Dritte Raum Record's stable drops their eight EP, bringing up Hale Bopp, which some of you may know from trance shenanigans back in the roaring 90's

What makes it even more better then the original classic track are the re-interpretations. Ricardo Villalobos & Cavaan flashes their acclaimed producer talents and their works are both very original and quite different from each other. Since his epics like 'Easy Lee' and 'Dexter,' Villalobos has kept stretching out his music, and his Hale Bopp version is full of rhythms and more changing than ever - meandering in ever-widening circles. Same is Cavaan's remix. It's drifting on their own with spiraling barbed rhythms that emerge from couplings of analogue machines. The Ison Adaption on B2 is remodeled by Krüger himself and on all remixes the main-melody is kept, although no samples are used, making it rather different from the original.