( DAC 001 ) TRIFORM - Three Elements Of Sound (reissue) (12") (1 per customer) Deeper Audio Cuts

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Triform's 1997 EP, Three Elements Of Sound, is still regarded by many as the archetypal UK techno slammer, and a natural progression of the 'hardcore continuum' into more house-centric territories. Until now, it has been a digger's favourtie, and a relic of the second hand scene, but it has gained value over the years so this reissue feels like just the right thing. "Push" is a catchy, instantly seductive house anthem with that euphoric bliss in its bass, while "The Primary Function" resides in the much deeper end of the house music scale - still class from start to finish, of course! "Reaching In (Part 2)" is the banger of bangers, coming through with spewing 303 flavours, banging beats, nostalgic pads, and that inimitable 90s touch...