( CRTL 012 ) SEUIL - In Vino Veritas (140 gram vinyl 12") Cartulis Music

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One of the most consistently intriguing artists operating in the French minimal house scene, Seuil has maintained an independent streak that has landed him on scores of label alongside his steady output on his own Eklo. The time has come for him to drop some missives on Cartulis, and the Parisian producer is sounding on rare form. There's a move towards fatter, rave-inspired sounds on this record, from the gnarly, buzzing leads of 'Energize' (featuring Le Loup), to the chirpy acid strut of 'Keep It Natural', but there's a deftness of touch in the execution of the tracks that could only belong to Seuil. 'Musique Sans Souffre' is the hit of the record - a moody, jacking workout to get lost in.