( COY 003 ) GUY CONTACT - COY 003 (hand-stamped 12") Coymix Ltd Estonia

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Coymix Ltd

Following up some great releases by the likes of Dylan Forbes and Blowdive, Estonia's Coymix Ltd are back with Perth, Australia based producer Guy Contact - he previously of Butter Sessions and Bitterfield - who presents four selections of neon-lit balearica on COY003. From the low slung sunset acid of 'Maya Bay' to the coastal breaks of 'Subterano' which impressively deconstructs acid trance aesthetics, more moods and grooves await you on the flip. It's like there's a third summer of love on the way, as heard on 'Sounds from the Echosystem' while early progressive house sounds of yesteryear are revisited on the utterly euphoric Maximus Mix of 'Cool Blue Liquid'.