( CNREC 002 ) VITESS / PEPE ELLE / MDC / WILT - Of A Naughty Cat (12") Chat Noir

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chat noir

For this second opus, Chat Noir Rec continues its momentum and offers a various composed of 4 tracks all different and complementary.

The Ep opens on the track " Prendre l'Air " by Vitess. We find the signature of the young producer with a neat and precise production, all enhanced by a millimetric breakbeat and an airy atmosphere, backed by an acid lead.

The second track is priduced by Pépé Elle who offers here a one-way ticket to England with his UKG infused "Carbon Dance" track We find all the markers of the style, from syncopated rhythmics to powerful wobble bass. Perfect to turn a club upside down on any circumstance.

The Italians from MDC open the B side with the track Bouncing. The atmosphere gets darker and sweatier. We find grimmy vocals, a heady and efficient acid bassline.

The Ep closes on the track The Resistance by Wilt. We continue to evolve in darker atmospheres with a tension that is created throughout the track without ever failing, all supported by a powerful breakbeat that will leave no one intact.