( CHILD THREE ) FERNANDO THE LOBSTER / BIGENERIC / DEREK CARR / COZMIC JAZZZ FUTURIST - Guardians Of A Kids Society (12") - Childhood Intelligence

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 Following fine outings from Bigneric and Dark Matrix last year, Childhood Intelligence sets out its stall for 2018 via a fine, compilation style EP. Fernando the Lobster steps up first, wrapping rich deep house keys and starry electronics around a deep electro groove, before Bigneric's "Ukrel" delivers a dose of deep tech-house goodness. Over on side B, Derek Carr unfurls spacey chords and analogue sounding drums on the quietly hypnotic "Ceres Station", while Cozmic Jazzz Futurist pitches down the beats on a deep, jazzy and almost horizontal late night soundscape. A strong start to the year, all told.