( BRK 61 ) DMX KREW - Sweatisfaction (12") Breakin'

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 If you can't get no "Sweatisfaction", Edward Upton is here to help. The electro stalwart's latest four-track missive is naturally jam packed with heavy dancefloor workouts, with the title track delivering a near perfect fusion of heavy, two-step influenced electro beats, robotic vocal samples and body-popping synth-bass. Once you've toweled yourself down and are ready to go again, turn your attention to the shoulder-swinging alien electrofunk of "Neutral Net Funk", the Soulsonic Force-meets-Drexciya flex of "Urgent Enquiry" and the ambidextrous, outer space madness of "Hardware Storm", where fuzzy analogue riffs, slap bass and jaunty lead lines cluster around another rubbery electro groove. After that, a cold shower might be in order.