( BOLOREP 003 ) DJ CREAM / NUDGE / BASSA CLAN / JACKIE - Bolo Represent 003 (12") Bolo Represent Italy

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Bologna pride on display, on the fourth instalment of Bolo Represent. Four northern Italian talents strut their stuff on a colourful selection of grooves here. Starting with Smile & Stay High boss DJ Cream, who delivers some tough and swing fuelled shenanigans on "Dig IT", while Nudge goes ultra deep on the smooth and sensual mood lighting of "Tic Tok" rounding up the A side. On the flip we have Bassa Clan, comprised of veteran producer Dino Angioletti (Pastaboys/The Goodfellas) with the formerly m_nus affiliated producer Fabrizio Maurizi with the throwback sounds of classic deep house as heard on "Teero". Finally, Jacopo Latini (aka Hills Connection/Homequest/Voodoo Effect) serves up the hypnotic bounce of "Butter".