( BMM 007 ) BIRDSMAKINGMACHINE - Birdsmakingmachine 007 (12") - Birdsmakingmachine

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 More quality minimal and micro house from the mysterious Birdsmakingmachine, marking the projects eighth edition. On the A side "The Draft" is a bumpy and hypnotic jam on the hypnotic side and perfect for the morning shift when you need things to get a bit weirder. "Area 52" gets a bit fiercer but definitely more restrained; this stripped excursion through subtle elements is the kind of wacky track you'd expect Zip or Raresh to play. On the flip we've got "The Voice Of Kudha" which gets its broke beat on in pretty interesting fashion; this one jagged and angular groove. Finally, "Zagonity" gets some slightly tribal hypnotic groove happening that's perfect or moments of trance induction