( BEAM-05 ) RUDEFOOD - Cloud Hop ( 12" vinyl ) Beam

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Beam Germany

BEAM is excited to present the long-awaited debut EP from South London mainstay, Rudefood. Across 4 tracks, the listener is welcomed into a radiantly eccentric habitat, in which freakish prog, entrancing breaks and wiggly tech are fused together with a unique melodic sensibility. The title track ‘Cloud Hop’ moves with a terrace-friendly bounce, in which pulsating sub lays the bedrock for a fluidly evolving lyricism. The cascading synths of ‘Undercurrent’ trawl the nether regions of tempo, teasing agents of higher intelligence from their slumber. On the B-side, ‘Without a Trace’ matches pastoral psychedelia with stuttered breaks, channelling multiple U.K. auralities. To close, ‘Shift’ sees rolling, crunched out throbs emerge from surging swirls, flirting with the thresholds of disorientation.