( AVR 001LP) I HEAR DISORDER - 1 out of 4 ( 12" LP ) Aviron Records

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Julien Delfaud was a shadow actor at the time when house music exploded in France.  Trained at the PlusXXX school as an assistant to Philippe Zdar (of the mythical duo Cassius) at the end of the 1990s, he collaborated with Etienne de Crécy on the Super Discount project, as well as with Phoenix, before establishing himself as a renowned producer and engineer.

Julien Delfaud comes out of the shadows with I Hear Disorder, a project inspired by the Dance Mania label, the ultimate Chicagoan house reference (Paul Johnson, Lil' Louis, Jesse Saunders). 

A first EP of a series of 4, whose only function is to turn the dancefloors upside down.