( ASB 2 ) SEUIL / ROBIN ORDELL / BARBIR / MARTYNE / JACOB - Assembling 2 (12") - Assemble Music Portugal

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Review: Assemble Music's first multi-artist EP, Assembling, became something of a must-have in minimal circles following its release back in 2015. Hopes are naturally high, then, for this belated follow-up. Seuil's opener, "Jam 151015", sets the pulse racing thanks to a combination of minimal aesthetics, spacey deep house chords and the jaunty rhythmic swing of ghetto-tech, while Robin Ordell's "Mobsiw" is a woozy and melodious chunk of skewed deep house eccentricity. On the flip, Barbir goes for the jugular via the grandiose, swirling chords, full-throttle drums and meandering acid lines of "How To Calculate", before Martyne and Jacob fuse bustling electro beats and jazzy techno electronics on the quietly impressive "ElectroNetto".

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