( ARPIAR 015 ) Ricardo VILLALOBOS - Empirical House LP (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP) (1 per customer) A:rpia:r Romania

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The productions of Chilean minimal maestro Ricardo Vilalobos have always been a little more jazzy and funk-fuelled than many will admit, though these elements - alongside the brilliance of his South American inspired drum programming - have come to the fore in recent times. They're certainly in evidence across the four fine tracks that make up Empirical House. Check, for example, the looped double bass, slack-tuned kicks and snares and woozy vibraphone flourishes of opener "Widodo", or the undulating, almost tropical melody lines and glitchy, outer-space grooves of "Bakasecc". Best of all is the title track, an unflinchingly trippy, woozy and borderline Balearic chunk of minimal house brilliance.