( AOD 004) Santiago URIBE / Z@P - Transatlantico (12") (1 per customer) Art Of Dark

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Art Of Dark

This new one on Art Of Dark comes from two sureshot producers with oodles of idiosyncratic flair folded into their sound. First up is Santiago Uribe, whose "This Is Only A Test" works some cheeky samples in amongst a massive rubbery bassline and some acidic stabs. "Momento Tenso" switches things up with a crisp break and some more melancholic synth work. Z@p then presides over the B side with some freaky, sharply executed techno spiced up with a melodic twist. "Phenomenology" brings the kind of weirdo groove Z@p is best known for, all wonky bleep lines and erratic synth wriggles over a solid rhythm section.