( AMVL 002 ) BEXU - Calatoria EP (12") Arupa Music Limited Germany

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The second instalment of the Arupa Music Vinyl Limited release presents Bexu, an artist who derives from Cluj-Napoca, North Western Romania. Bexu’s discography has grown steadily over the past few years, and we are super proud to make an addition in physical format.

Title track Calatoria entices mystery from the get go, an artistic soundscape of dreamy, uplifting pads with chugging bass and sharp driving percussion. The hypnotic vocal eagerly anticipating an answer, rightly deserves provoking sequel (part two).

‘Doru Lenii’ is a different approach to the dreamy off kilter nature of the Calatoria tracks. A driving, instructive vocal, builds anticipation and delivers sonic answers for questions asked, chords progress as the track builds, heavy synths drive the track forward and into conclusive territory. A true tale of the sun & moon; day into night, and back into day again.

Crihan’s interpretation of ‘Calatoria responds in true B side fashion, responding with a bounce and giving direction to the adventure mystified in the title track. Off kilter percussion, a focused bassline, vocal converses with ‘Cataloria’, natural production techniques give a truly organic feel. This release disperses absolute warmth.