( AMP 021 ) Christopher LEDGER - Deceptive Afterglow EP (heavyweight vinyl 12") Amphia Romania

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Self-styled "multi-disciplinary artist" Christopher Ledger was last seen joining the dots between techno, house and breakbeat via the Meander-released "Dark Moon EP". For his first release on Romanian label Amphia he's decided to explore a slightly wider palette of influences. Opener "Afterglow" sees him expertly join the dots between deep, melancholic electro and more forthright acid flavours, while "Not Formally" is an intergalactic trip into trance-inducing early morning techno territory. Over on side B you'll find him peppering a dirty, bass-heavy breakbeat with trippy electronic sounds on "Deceptive", before reaching for two-step influences beats and end-of-days sounds on late night workout "See Through".