( AMOR 002 ) Luis MALON / Z@P / DIGREGORIUS / BRUNO DI PAOLO / GUILLERMO MIRANDA - Anomalia Magnetica del Atlantico Sur EP (12") Amorfo Uruguay

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 Just like the label's well-regarded debut last summer, this second salvo from Amorfo is a group effort. What Luis Malon, Bruno Di Paolo, Z@p, Digregorius and Guillermo Miranda collectively served up is impressive, with four varied cuts jostling for dancefloor domination. Our highlight is probably opener "Apologias Del Futuro", a pleasingly heavy and melodious fusion of bumpin' beats, heavy sub bass, Detroit Techno chords, wiggling acid lines and funk-fuelled synth solos. There's plenty to admire elsewhere across the EP too, from the deep, angular and intergalactic electro-acid swing of "Ars Magma", to the psychedelic electronics, rumbling analogue bass and off-kilter beats of "Abrazo De Oso".