( AKA 002 ) MCMXCI - SWLABR EP ( 12" ) Akashic Records

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In 1990, a friend was thinking about acquiring a synthesiser...

Synthesisers... mysterious keyboard instruments with lots of knobs that made strange sounds. Something we’ve always known about but never really had an opportunity to experience up close. Most of the music we grew up listening to and loved featured synths.

So we trawled through the Trading Post and found an old Roland JX-8P going cheap. I had a car, my friend had the cash - now we had a synth! We wanted to make electronic music, but something was missing...

Shortly after, a drum machine was acquired. Like the synth, we had no clue about them but very soon a Roland TR-707 was acquired. Pooling our remaining funds, we purchased a 4-track tape recorder and began to learn how to use these instruments to compose music.

Fast forward to 1991, SWLABR was born. I'd fallen down the techno rabbit hole and amassed several more electronic devices... synths, samplers, sequencers and began composing tunes with a techno flavour in my bedroom studio - some of which feature on this EP in all their original glory, tape hiss included!