( AGT 001 ) TRANSPARENT SOUND - Orson's House (reissue) (12") AGT

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New label, AGT Records, kick start their discography with a bang, reissuing a staple of the early 2000’s UK tech house scene.

Transparent Sound (UK electro veterans Orson Bramley and Martin Brown) have certainly been around the block a few times. The duo’s iconic hybrid of electro-funk and hypnotic techno was highly coveted in the 90’s and early 00’s, gracing seminal labels such as Groovepressure, Crayon and Electrix Records. By the time they turned to the infamous Surreal they were house hold names in the electro and techno scene, making this unique take on tech-house all the more significant.

The EP demonstrates the diversity of the duo’s influences perfectly, providing top-quality house tracks without sticking too much to a formula. In Mixes 1 and 2, steel-tipped percussion shimmers around slinky basslines oozing with groove, conjuring up nostalgic images of sweaty dancefloors packed to the rafters. A remix from legend James Harrison, AKA Subfunk, seals off this stellar release in his signature machine-funk sound.

It is designed for maximum dancefloor satisfaction, sounding as fresh today as it did nearly 20 years ago. The EP has found its way back onto the decks, All in Good Time.