( ADAMLP 001 ) Ion LUDWIG - Truth Only Exists In Paradise (gatefold triple 12") Adams Bite

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Triple header by Mr Ion Ludiwg ! LTD Edition ! Versand erfolgt coronabedingt verzögert in 12/20, genaues Lieferdatum folgt / massive delay due Corona, exact date following soon

After 15 years of releasing underground electronic music Ion Ludwig remains to push the boundaries of his signature sound. Parameters set in a different decade to prevail the formula’s and algorithmic that adapted minimalism throughout pre corona-times.

Now stepping into digital realms of music and video Ludwig was invited by Swiss art-city-Citizens to write
and produce a latest triple 12” album, his third of this volume, and first not on his own label-outlets, now for Adam's Bite, Basel.

‘Truth only exists in Paradise’ tells the truth of non-truth. Nothing today can be seen independent and no information seems to be holy. The truth is a hopeless lost soul, nowhere welcome or at home but in paradise. Most, our own “paradise” if it may still exist. And that it may please you, there