( ADAM 003 ) Barac - BEYOND THE GATES, THEY WERE FREE EP (180G) 12" - Adams Bite

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adams bite

Dancefloor shaman Barac joins the ranks of our label. His signature sound has accompanied us on countless night-time adventures already, providing a unique space of mind to lose ourselves in. Here, we are treated to three slowly unfurling pieces, each approaching the mental plane on its own terms. >Beyond The Gates, They Were Free< spreads over the full A-side. Drop the needle for a playful affair, with lush modulations calling back to the glory days of goa trance. It is a mesmerising track, geared towards renewing the heady communal experiences we have come to miss. The flip side takes us further still, with two stripped-back and deeply dubbed workouts: >I Shall Not Be Taken< homes in on Baracs inimitable sonicalia, seamlessly fusing the psychedelic with the sublime. >The Fall Of Man< closes things out in fine style, as a sidewinding drum circle entrenches itself into our minds with each rotation. Not to be taken lightly, this one.