( ACEW 015 ) A CREDIBLE EYE WITNESS / GHOST RIDE - Demodulation (12") ACEW Studios

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In the prolongation of the almighty "Elektrik Dancefloor” EP, “Demodulation” sees A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride deliver their ninth collaboration to date! If the sound of A Credible Eye Witness has significantly evolved since his association with Ghost Ride back in 2018, it remains dancefloor all the way and has now turned into conscious melodies. The Roma located artists return today at their best with a raw electronic 12” that moves beyond an output calibrated for body shaking. Taking electro at a higher level, "Demodulation" opens with epileptic “Intruder”, a Detroitish slaughter made of pounding beats and frantic arpeggios over a speed rhythm. Dystopian "AMG Tune" coming next signs a groovy hit characterized by droid sonorities and alienating synth flights at the end of the track. Absolutely stunning! The flipside unleashes the Bass for some breaking movement with “I Can Never Die”. If the bassline sounds similar to the previous cut, the song goes deeper into the realm serving up a noir atmosphere reinforced by a creepy voice from besides grave. A powerful beast surrounded by cybernetic grooves bringing you back to the past! Merging retro electro flavor to vintage sonorities, final “Walking In The Galaxy” delivers an hypnotic mash up of analog swirls and organic oscillations to put you in a circle. Sophisticated and aesthetic at the same, homogenous and perfectly orchestrated, "Demodulation" brings a complete immersion into A Credible Eye Witness & Ghost Ride’s world, wild, colorful and automatic. Tip!