( 7777 007 ) Jared WILSON - Ghost Miners (double 12") 7777 US

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7777 US

 Happily residing on his home turf of 7777, Jared Wilson offers up a new double pack/almost an album of his ever-forward thinking machine-driven throwdowns. Taking the title of Ghostminers, this five track set naturally features a prominent degree of acid line manipulation, although as ever the sound gets contorted into gruesome manifestations from the off. Witness the lead synth on "Ghostminers 1" which fairly growls out of the channels with almost lycan ferocity. "Ghostminers 3" offers a switch in mood to some effervescent jacking house where the acid lines lurk deep beneath emboldening the bass line whilst the fizzing abstraction of "Ghostminer 4" is a veritable highlight!

Played by: TripeoVorres (Vrrs)RNDMTomoki Tamura (HolicTrax/Doublet)P.E.A.R.L.