( WSS 006 ) GIASH - Meie EP (heavyweight vinyl 12") Why So Series


Meie EP
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WSS 006
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Seeking new and unforgetable ways to express ourselves is the main serving of this course.
First dish and last of this EP - Giash serves the 6th platter of the Why So Series menu, spiced and salted with all the right ingredients for each and every table.
Starting of with the A1 entree, "Meie", which is riddled with Detroit heavy influences ranging from the omnipresent pads and morning dew details, sparkling with clear headed details and drum tracks which morph into a more stripped down structure which rests underneath the bedrock of the whole landscape.
Beyond that we have the intermezzo B1 "Sailere", a more clairvoyant excursion into the more harmonious aspects of minimalistic perfection, keeping true to the artists intentions and executing with precise accuracy the melodic afterthoughts of the ephemeral.
At the very end we're left with B2, "Eeder", the more introspective and "grow to love me" side of the dish. A melancholic and heavy set relief of the persona which is Giash, a Hungarian fellow which is new but at the same time so familiar to our cause, a true believer and relatable idiom which we all can identify with.
Vinyl only, original artwork and what comes next may follow.