( UVAR 009 ) NU ZAU - La Rascruce (2xLP) UVAR


La Rascruce
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UVAR 009
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Nu Zau pushes the pedal into overdrive with his first full length vinyl album - La Rascruce' is the mark of a crossroads for the artist as he comes into his own with a masterful and dutifully produced piece that goes all the way from the solemn and somber Incloido' to the happy, go lucky threads of Take Me Back' and the warm imbrace of Lolita'. In between we've got the abrasive and mind grazing Pana de Curent' and a more classic take on micro house with a splash of balearic on Ma Gandesc' and Let It Flow'.

Get ready to witness something like you've never heard from Uvar as we slowly approach our 10th release. As always, from Romania, with much love and including our own artwork on vinyl only.