( TW 3 ) TRANCE WAX - Trance Wax Three (limited hand-numbered hand-stamped green vinyl 12") (1 per customer) Trance Wax


Trance Wax Three
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TW 3
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There's no denying the party-starting qualities of the occasionally controversial Trance Wax series. While their formula is simple - contemporary tweaks of progressive house and trance tunes - the resultant cuts rarely fail to do the business out on the floor. This third edition follows a similar pattern to its predecessors, combining a couple of druggy, full-throttle 4/4 smashers (in this case the bombastic "Trance 11" and vaguely Balearic "Trance 9") with an obligatory breakbeat revision (in this case "Trance 10", which fiddles around with one of the most name-checked sunrise house anthems of all time). This time round, there's also an ambient surprise in the shape of "Trance 12", which extends a particularly blissful version of a very well known 1989 anthem.