( TSRS 01 ) TONE SERIES - Traumer & Tomoki Tamura Remixes (12inch Vinyl) Tone Series


Traumer & Tomoki Tamura Remixes
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Today, we are glad to introduce you to our TONE SERIES Remix Series. One and a half years after the launch of the parent label, TONE SERIES has released five EPs (consisting of two tracks each), all composed by French musician David K. And almost halfway between the first release TS10 and the last one TS01 (TS06 came out at the beginning of September 2017), we thought it would be interesting to ask artists we like to reinterpret one of David's creations.

As a result, we're delighted to present you as 1st EP (TSRS01) of this TONE SERIES Remix Series: DIPE (TS09) re-drummed by French music composer and DJ Traumer as well as WINTER BELLS (TS06) remixed by Japanese artist Tomoki Tamura, both artists getting the ball rolling for this new soulful and colourful series.