( TRM 001 ) TIJN - Don't Stand Still (180 gram yellow vinyl 12") Trim Holland


Don't Stand Still
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TRM 001
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"Don't Stay Still" is the debut EP of Trim Records in Amsterdam. We chose Amsterdam because we believe in the 'vibe' of this fantastic city and the growing underground culture. The label comes from the passion for music, vinyls, and freedom to have fun
dancing around the world from raves from 1990 to today. The 180 grams vinyl EP is made up of 4 minimal-size tek-house tracks. Our first artist is Tijn, a great music and sound professional from UK .Proprietary of Label House Wax and deep edition, with recent label releases as : Memora, Bodyparts, Isgud and many more... EP's remix has been entrusted to the rising star of Bucharest Romania Funk E Following up some great releases like raum ... musik, adult only and Kurbitz.