(TPRV 004) FLORIAN MEFFERT - Decent EP (12") Tupiar Romania

Decent EP
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TPRV 004
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Continuing in the same fashion the Tupiar Records Wax Collection we welcome Florian Meffert on our fourth vinyl masterpiece - Decent EP. A driven individual in his passion for experimental music, with roots in Frankfurt(DE), that matchless sound and impeccable techniques as a producer are serving as an example for precise and inspirational music. One of those artists that disconnect from the real world escaping into a new world while the creative flow takes over, outgrowing himself at full speed with releases on labels like Sakadat, Mood24, Capodopere, Ensis Black, Inwave to name a few. He worked with Vicentiulian, Arapu, Suolo, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Kaitaro and many more who support his style, now expressing him self with industrial synths & breaks in Decent (A1), taking us on a journey of soundwaves all the way to his darkest corners of imagination, filled with liquid textures & ambiental backgrounds of minimalistic depth. Yet we are driven into nebulous passages through intriguing bells and whistles echoing from the misty sounds of Upset and Natshe original mixes of the upcoming 2PR deejay.
On the B side we find pleasure in the analog remix carved beautifully by experimented Alan Castro from Argentina, spotted on labels like Bodyparts & Arupa Records. Putting his DNA into Decent, Alan exceeds continuous experimentation charged with sensibility and passion for his work, letting all the melodies and kick join together to make us dance and travel through sounds with all its power, resulting this exquisite happy end to this 12 inch release mastered by Maurice Giovannini.
To top it of in our artistic approach, we bring you this unique 100% romanian cover, "Necromæns" painted with acrylics on canvas by talented Anita Frâncu. Many untold stories lay hidden under the strokes of the young painter, besides the aphotic site of this artwork that matches perfectly the overall design concept of Mihai Dafinoiu - responsible for the image of Tupiar Records & Tupiar Limited Record Labels.