( TPRL 003 ) MASSUD MATIN - Like You (12") Tupiar Romania


Like You
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TPRL 003
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From Bremen, northern Germany, Massud Matin is coming up on Tupiar Records Limited with a great vinyl EP named LIKE YOU, featuring 2 of his own original tracks and 2 remixes from his analog addicts: Modebaku and Kaitaro.

Massud has a deep history going back to his days in the electronic community since 2007, as part of I.C.Records , respectively. even so,he pushes beyond his combined discographies to date, exing impossibilities, building rhythms from arrhythmia, teasing veiled textures from bold iterations of Synth Patterns. his distinctive fusion of sculpturing through shapeshifting software, programming subtractive and matrix modular synthesis to create playful shivering digital textures which oscillate with and against algorithmically mapped percussion samples, smeared synthetic chords levitate in the distance, stabs of digital noise punctuate the mix in twitchy, time-distorting patterns, the deliberation and control over distinctive textures and particles is obsessive, the end results of each individual track unfold with an organic temperament.

The cover art is painted with acrylic on canvas by romanian artist Elly S Oproiu, founder of Soul Drops and music enthusiast brought on board by the overall designer Mihai Dafinoiu, together making this exquisite release.

Without further introduction we'll let the music speak for itself, thus hoping you enjoy and dance to every second of it ...