( TLR 006 ) MIHIGH - Dark Fader EP (140gr vinyl 12") Trapped Ldn


Dark Fader EP
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TLR 006
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Mihigh hails from the ever-productive Romanian minimal scene, having first appeared alongside Arapu back in 2013 before releasing a few solo EPs that cemented his presence amongst the big hitters from Eastern Europe. Now appearing on Trapped Ldn, he kicks off his Dark Fader EP with the appropriately murky tones of "Corridors". It's a brooding piece shaped out by clanging delay and reverb tones that echo into infinity, creating a perfectly trippy and evocative atmosphere. "Mutual Contemplation" is a quirkier affair that gets all kind of lopsided, pitch bending antics going on, with a sturdy beat carrying the experimental tones in the direction of the dancefloor.