( STE 00001 ) STE ROBERTS - 1 (140 gram vinyl 12") STE


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STE 00001
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Ste Roberts has popped up intermittently over the years alongside the likes of Marc Ashken, DJ Linus and Will Azada, but now he's taking a focused step into the fray with his own hand-stamped 12" series, packed full of crafty techno variations for adventurous souls. "Poem 87" is a stripped down and nasty workout with a submerged rhythm and a housey groove that feels like it's itching to worm its way onto the dancefloor, while "Broken Sleep" takes a more full-bodied approach with all kinds of trippy synth interplay feeding into a noirish, dynamic atmosphere. It's a record of two distinct halves, both of which crackle with ingenuity and personality to stand out from the crowd.