(RUERE 003) FASTER / RHADOO - MOD (180 gram vinyl 12") Ruere Romania

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Faster, real name Laurentiu Suciu, is one of the fastest rising talents on Romania's sizeable minimal techno scene. This is his second single of 2016, and third in total on the Reure label he set up last year. It's a quietly spacey affair, with intergalactic chord progressions and starry lead lines stretching out over a metronomic, no-nonsense techno groove. There's a little more Motor City influence than you'd find on some of his work, but that's no bad thing. Rhadoo provides the obligatory flipside rework, utilizing a few more minimal techno tropes while ensuring that the drums remain bold, crunchy and snappy, and that the spacey electronics take pride of place in the mix.