( PNR 009 ) ATREE - Pambore (2xLP) Pluie/Noir Recordings


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PNR 009
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Looking back at the imprint's catalog one would expect Pluie/Noir's 9th release to be in the same organic tones as previous outputs, but "Pambore" is anything but
predictable: Atree's debut on Pluie/Noir is a homage to drum-machines and analog synthesizers and a welcome breath of fresh air to the imprint's evergrowing music catalog.
With a true 'no bullshit' attitude, the Stuttgarter (soon-to-be-Berliner) Oliver put together 8 dancefloor-oriented tracks that bend the boundaries between micro-house and acid-techno while always keeping things swingy and surprising, full of bleepy sounds and playful synth melodies. Oliver's music is without a doubt very light-hearted, with a endearing aura that is usually reminicent of producers living closer to the Mediterranean sea. Pambore' is a showcase of exactly that: a hefty
but light-hearted double-EP that presents eight variations of his sincopated, and ultimately funky drum programming, bouncy basslines, tumbling synth leads and functional story-telling.
This homage to machine music brings on board the Portuguese graphic wizard Nuno Patrício to visually interpret the EP, keeping with the imprint's usual audio-visual
affair. Limited Pressings.