( MGM 01 ) MALIN GENIE - Altrica Bloom EP (180 gram vinyl 12") Malin Genie


Altrica Bloom EP
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MGM 01
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Malin Genie's warm, funk fuelled sound returns to blow some balmy vibes into your frostbitten souls, and he's sounding especially expressive on this effervescent new 12". "Snake Scale" features all kinds of liquid funk notes pouring around the crisp house beat, channeling soulful tones without resorting to basic sampling. "Bloom" is a more linear cut with a steady tech house pulse, but it's shot through with mysterious ambience that deepens the emotional impact of the track. "Altrica" completes the EP with a smoked out trip into reduced, back room house subtleties for the blissed out crew to get psychedelic to.