( LIT 002 ) CHRISTIAN AB - Music 4 Self-Defence (140 gram vinyl 12") London In Transmission


Music 4 Self-Defence
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LIT 002
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Previously spotted on labels such as John Dimas' Elephant Moon and Nil, Christian AB delivers his second full solo EP and sounds like a far more mature producer. Warm, hardware deep house is the order of the day, and "Luna De Leo" makes a fine case in point with its Moog-esque basslines and plush pads. "Flysergic" is a playful jam with techy undertones in its sci-fi synth work, and "Anxwhyitme" takes an edgier route into bugging electronic pulses and eerie harmonics. "Sunshine Song" completes the set with a sweet natured trip into beat-laden deep house for the good times crowd.