(HHATRI 004) TRAELA - EP Part I (140gr vinyl 12") HHATRI (History Has A Tendency To Repeat Itself)


EP Part I
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The artist described the EP as being inspired by many of the heavy concepts that have been concurrent in his life during the process of making the tracks. The sounds have adopted elements of the music that have been experienced during his trips to play out in Berlin's unique music scene. Key to the penning of the tracks are the loss of distinctive sounds, expressive emotion and unparalleled feeling that was once so prevalent in the many of the lesser known and iconic works produced in the earlier years of House music. Channeling the desire to bring back what has been missing in today's formulaic music production design, Traela hopes to find the listeners once again looking inside the content of the music. Finding the emotional substance displayed through healing and the release of lost love, Traela's message on the making of this release: " Many ideas were prevalent during the process of the EP but the most important during this exercise was finding yourself, learning to express and learning to love yourself in order to love others'