( DSRX 11 ) LOST TRAX - The Saturnian System (hand-stamped 12") Delsin


The Saturnian System
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Back in 2006, mysterious techno crew Lost Trax made their debut via a much-lauded - and now hard-to-find - EP on Daz Quayle's SCSI-AV label. Delsin, a label that has never shied away from reissuing underground gems, has now decided to re-release it. From the word go, it's easy to see why they were so keen to put it out again. Title track "The Saturnian System" is a deliciously spacey and emotion-rich chunk of acid-flecked, floor-friendly electro full of sweeping chords and eyes-closed melodies, while "The Sequel" remains a second-wave "intelligent techno" classic. Elsewhere, they join the dots between rubbery electro and yearning techno on "Self Destruct Sequence", before fixing melancholic Motor City melodies to a liquid tech-house groove on closer "Birth".