( CHUB 001 ) EWAN JANSEN / TRINIDADIAN DEEP - Various Vol.1 (feat Mike Grant, Mr YT remixes) (140 gram vinyl 12") Chubby

Various Vol.1 (feat Mike Grant, Mr YT remixes)
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CHUB 001
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Chubby has already earned its stripes as a podcast and party in Australia dealing in connoisseurs' deep house, and their leap to the world of vinyl is no less classy. The first release splits a 12" between four esteemed practitioners of true skool beats for switched on heads, leading in with Antipodean maestro Ewan Jansen. After delivering the plush tones of his "Plants," Moods & Grooves label boss Mike Grant pops up to remix Jansen with stunning, understated results. Trinidadian Deep takes over on the B side with the typically shimmering melodics and dextrous drums he's much loved for. Mr YT then serves up a final remix, nudging "Move Me" just a little up the energy scale with the help of a killer organ line placed at the front of the mix.