( BQD 41 ) CHRISTOPHER LEDGER - Prospettiva E Percezione (12") Brouqade

Prospettiva E Percezione
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BQD 41
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Fresh from the success of their ‘Past / Present / Future’ release, we march on, with Berlin-based Italian Christopher Ledger the man responsible for their label’s 41st release. The ‘Percezione and Retrospettiva’ EP sees Ledger in flying form, as he props up with two dexterous, thoughtfully executed records that speak volume of his ability to craft atmospheric sounds. Opening up the release is the sounds of ‘Retrospettiva 2’, a future leaning techno jam that again wonderfully fits the Brouqade aesthetic. Clearly indebted to sci-fi spheres, this one is very much cut from a Detroit cloth, with a steely finesse that lurks from the get go. A track that brings the listener on an endless journey, it comes some deep harmonic vibes. All things told, this is an EP of various contrasting sounds, Ledger’s debut for Brouqade is a stunning example of what can happen when producers think outside the box. The B side consists of ‘Percezione Attiva’. Harmonic, blissful tones abound throughout, made all the more meaningful by a slew of gentle, melancholic piano chords that really pull on the heartstrings. A light and hazy experimental piece, the track forces parallels with other masters of suspense. Culminating with a more traditional 4/4 vibe, this unusual turn only enhances the producer’s standing as a man willing to take risks.