( BN 01 ) FLAVIO FOLCO - A Night On Planet Earth (12") Bleu Nuit France


A Night On Planet Earth
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BN 01
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Bleu Nuit (BN) is glad to introduce you to its first release A Night On Planet Earth (BN01) by Barcelona-based Italian artist Flavio Folco. Known for his musical compositions on his late imprint Fresh Food (Napoli). among others. Flavio Folco has also made a name for himself as a DJ with multiple appearances alongside his friend Joseph Capriati. Whereas A Night On Planet Earth could have seen the light of the day in 2015. when LumièresLaNuit (LLN) got the demo through a friend. it s finally two years later that the four-tracks EP is finding his place on Bleu Nuit. and not just any as it is kicking this new project off and paving the way for other break & gangster beats.