( BMSS 003 ) UNKNOWN - Botanic Minds Sunset Series (180 gram vinyl 12") Botanic Minds


Botanic Minds Sunset Series
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BMSS 003
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Botanic Minds have quietly built a vibe that is all their own with a series of 12"s from lesser known artists on the fringes of the minimal scene. There's something different at work in these tracks, not least on the limber opening jam that kicks off this uncredited fourth release on the label. "Track002A" has a more familiar house shuffle, but there's still an intriguing atmosphere submerged in the micro samples lingering in between the beats. On the second side, things get super minimal on "Track001B," pushing the dancefloor dynamics to the back and focusing on strange shards of sound instead. "Track002B" finishes the EP off on a lopsided, funky tip with another lysergic soundscape hovering in the middle distance.