( BMSS 001 ) UNKNOWN - Botanic Minds Sunset Series (180 gram vinyl 12") Botanic Minds


Botanic Minds Sunset Series
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BMSS 001
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Botanic Minds is a new label shrouded in mystery, lacking any artist information or meaningful track titles. Of course that just makes us lock into the music even more, and what wonderful music to get lost in this is. The reduced shuffle on "Track001A" has a delicacy to it that could roll on for hours at a time as beautiful piano keys drift through a lazy delay over a needlepoint minimal beat. There's a greater presence about "Track002A" with its punchy beat and nagging bassline, but the mood is still overtly deep. "Track001B" takes things back to a truly laid back strut, but then "Track002B" provides a fresh level of intrigue thanks to the slightly acidic electro flavour lingering in the mellow folds of this killer closing track.